The Project


CaloritrOnics iN magNEtiC Weyl semimeTals

Topological materials, including the recently discovered Dirac and Weyl semimetals (WSM), lead to a paradigm shift in science due to their inter twinned spin and charge properties, protected against backscattering. Overlooked up to now, energy and heat transport properties of WSM, and their coupling with spin and charge degrees of freedom are at the center of this project. In particular, coupled properties, allowing to convert e.g. heat to charge current, are expected to be boosted by peculiar topological effects in WSM. We therefore aim at synthesizing high-quality WSM, model and measure their coupled properties to reach a thorough understanding of spin, heat and charge currents. This will be possible thanks to the unique combination of expertise gathered in this consortium in all aspects of this chain, combining WSM atomic-layer deposition techniques and nanodevice fabrication methods, with advanced simulation and characterization of functional properties, from the nanometer scale to the macroscopic device level. This will set the floor for WSM-based disruptive sensors, very low temperature refrigerators for next generation quantum computers, and medical devices.