Fully-funded PhD position on Material characterization and transfer printing of electrodes on thin-film semimetal crystals

We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate or postdoctoral researcher who will study the morphology and crystalline structure of thin WSM films with XRD, SEM and TEM. Then, he/she will develop a method to pattern electrodes on the surface of the WSM. Since WSM are extremely sensitive to their environment, the electrodes must be patterned under nitrogen atmosphere and avoiding the use of solvents. Hence, methods such as microcontact printing or liquid metal dispensing will be explored.

The work will be performed at the FMolina-Lopez group (https://www.molina-lopezresearchlab.com/), within the “Surface and Interface Engineered Materials” unit at the Department of Materials Engineering of KU Leuven, and under the direct supervision of Prof. F. Molina-Lopez.

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